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"Anjanidevi Charitable Trust” was founded by Sri Kadiyala Vijaya Mohan, the Trust deed was made and executed on 31st May, 2007 as Founder Trust Board Sri Kadiyala Vijaya Mohan, Chairman & Managing Trustee, Smt Kadiyala Sudha Rani, Sri Chalasani Rama Koteswara Rao, Smt Chalasani Lailadevi, Sri Surapaneni Venkateswara Rao & Smt Surapaneni Sesharatnam as Trustees and this deed was registered on 27th day September, 2007. And also the supplemental deed for covering deficiencies in deed was made and registered on 21st day of January, 2009.
Sri K.Vijaya Mohan has constructed the building on his own and the same was given to the Trust for free of cost for 27 years. In this Trust building the inauguration of Activities was done on 6th November 2009 by Sarpanch Sri Kottapally Jaipal Reddy, in the presence and with the blessings of village elders and near & dear.

The Income tax returns were filed from FY: 2007-08 to till date regularly.

The registration of Anjanidevi Charitable Trust [ACT] u/s 12AA (1)(b)(i) of I.T. Act, 1961 was granted by the IncomeTax Dept. w.e.f. 01-04-2010 on wards.

Donations to Anjanidevi Charitable Trust [ACT] are exempt from Income Tax under section 80-G (5) (vi) of IT Act, 1961 of Government of India, w.e.f. 01-04-2011 on wards.

To Women Development & Child Welfare Dept. Telangana

I.D.1514/3401/2016 For Oldage Home
I.D.1514/3402/2016 For Orphanage

Licence No. 103 of 2017 issued to run Oldage Home from 1-7-2017 to 30-6-2019.

Licence No. 17/ICPS/RRD/2017 dt. 7-12-2017. Provisionally issued to run Child Care Institute (Orphange) for Six months.

After Verification & Suggestion by WD & C.W department Orphan Boys From "Govt Children Home For Boys" (Street Children, Saidabad, Hyderabad.) were Admited into "ACT/ACha Trust" from 2016 on words.

TRUSTEES Smt Chalasani Lailadevi died on 10th April, 2009, Sri Surapaneni Venkateswara Rao died on 4th July, 2009 and Sri Chalasani Rama Koteswara Rao died on 23rd March, 2011.

Satyam : A home for the aged : Started on 11-06-2011. Running successfully.

Sivam : A home for the Aged-poor : Started on 15-01-2011. Running successfully.

Sundaram [A] : A home for the Aged-destitute : Started on 03-09-2010. Running successfully.

Sundaram [B] : A home for the Orphan & destitute Boys : Started on 06-11-2009. Running successfully.

Free accommodation with safe secure and peaceful environment for poor and aged is provided. All the activities will run with the support of Trustees, sponsors and donors.

The Trust will offer its services to all the needy people who fall under the above categories.